Alien Worlds #3

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"The Inheritors"

A noble alien race steps in to a post-apocalyptic Earth to bring the planet back to sustainability. They must face the remnants of savage humans and also sacrifice their true natures to complete the task.

"Pi In the Sky"

Two futuristic fighter pilots continue their age-old tradition of dueling for honor with deadly intent. When one of them finally succumbs to heart attack, the importance of their bond and relation to one another becomes apparent.

"Dark Passage"

In a future tale, a young white boy's sweetheart is black, and he can't stand the taunts of his peers saying he should be with 'his kind'. His parents ask him to reconsider, and doesn't he want children. He is steadfast in his love, until some hoodlums attack her and her robotic body falls apart. A different take on the nature of prejudice and those who live blissfully blind to it.