Amazing Spider-Man (1963 1st Series) Annual #18 NM

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"The Scorpion Takes a Bride!" Plot by Tom DeFalco. Script by Stan Lee. Pencils by Ron Frenz. Inks by Bob Layton and Jackson Guice. Cover by Ron Frenz and Jackson Guice. The publisher of the Daily Bugle is taking the plunge! J. Jonah Jameson and Dr. Marla Madison announce their plans to get married! But after hearing the joyous news, an uninvited guest plots to ruin the happy day! The Scorpion! Max Gargan still seeks revenge against Jonah for turning him into a monster many years ago! After escaping from a psychiatric hospital, the Scorpion abducts John Jameson and then stalks Marla! A while later the sinister super-villain corners Jonah, Marla, and John. The end seems near for the Jameson trio. But a red and blue savior arrives just in time! Can the Spectacular Spider-Man reject the Scorpion's deadly reprisal? Cameo appearances by Captain Jean DeWolff, Joe Robertson, and Betty Brant Leeds. (Note: The Scorpion returns in Amazing Spider-Man 318.) 48 pages. Cover price $1.00.