Amazing Spider-Man #27 VG

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At a meeting which in which all the mob bosses of New York are in attendance the Green Goblin has just interrupted the Crime-Master's bid to take command of all the gangs in New York. To make matters worse the Goblin has also captured Spider-Man who is unconscious. Spider-Man's capture is enough to convince the mob bosses to accept the Goblin as their new leader. The Goblin has Spider-Man chained up but before he can unmask him Spider-Man wakes up and leaps out of the way. Just as Spider-Man escapes the police storm in and begin fighting the crooks. Meanwhile Spidey breaks free of the chains and assists the police who are able to arrest all the criminals. Spidey then goes after both the Goblin and the Crime-Master but the two manage to escape. Spider-Man swings back to Frederick Foswell's...