Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld #3

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Lord Aquamarine arrives at his home and finds that his warriors are attacked.

Amethyst wants to do her part to try to save the world (again), this time threatened by Fire Jade. During the fight, Quaar realizes that Fire Jade does not have such noble goals as him.

The Prince Topaz fight against himself for not killing Lady Turquoise, as desired by Fire Jade.

Amy's adoptive parents (Herb and Marion Winston) are still worried about their daughter unable to wake up.

We find Lord Aquamarine coming home and finding it destroyed and his soldiers lying dead on the field. A valiant Quaar still thinking he has done right by overthrowing Aquamarine still attacks this time he throws his dagger it appears to be hitting Aquamarine in his upper body chest area. We then see Amethyst wanting to leave if this is the end of Gemworld she does not want a part of it. Lady Emerald and Lord Ganet talk to her about the dangers between realms and what is holing Emeralds sister on earth. A priest with them has been told magically that Aquamarine has perished.Garnet wants nothing to do with avenging that loss but Amethyst she wants to .We then see Lord Topaz nuzzling with Turquoise and we see he might be under a trace as he looks to stab her with a dagger we don't know that for sure just yet.

Back at Palace Aquamarine we see Quaar lettng Aquamarine's wife mourn his loss. Fire Jade appears and wants Quaar to kill Lady Aquamarine and her child, he defies her because they havn't done anything wrong. Fire Jade is upset with him. Amethyst arrves attacking the victorious crew.Lady Emerald feers her magic can't defeat Fire Jade while trying to powers of controlling the forces of nature might be less then Fire Jades own control of the same thing. One of Jade's dirt monsters for now has defeated Emerald for the time being.We head for earth for a few panels to see that Princess Emerald stayed up all night watching Amethyst's alter ego of Amy Winston still sleeping in trance and finally The Winstons have some sleep too.

In Gemworld the battle rages on as Amethyst defeats the dirt creatures Fire Jade conjured up.Unfortunatly Amethyst has battle raged and if not for Diamond she would have killed innocents. Fire Jade's magig is attacking Lady Aquamarine and Quaar is fighting it off and Amethyst thinks he's attacking her.But seeing and hearing Quaar she believes they are on the same side. Back to Topaz and Turquoise. We see he still is under a spell from Fire Jade who told him to kill all that have betrayed him ( i feel like this right now my ex girlfriend betrayed me recently). Back at Palace Aquamarine Fire Jade attacks yet again it seems her fire is draining Amethyst magic. Lady Emerald manages to split the fire with her magic.Fire Jad conjures up the little living fires again but this time Amethyst creates a whirlwind and helps Quaar defeat them. Quaar then slices through Fire Jade looking like she is dead.

Topaz comesw out of his trance and it looks like indeed he is in love with Turqoise and they embrace.Back at Palace Aquamarine they try to figure out who the new ruler should be but Quaar decides it should be ran likea democracy and before its settled Amethyst vanishes.