Aquaman #8

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The issue begins with an assassination studying a video tape provided to aid in his assassination of Aquaman,reviewing it in order to make a big splash with his first assassination in America.  Meanwhile a recovered Garth lashes out at Aquaman for his choice to bring him to the Idylists for aid,but begins rebuilding his relationship with Garth.  Shortly after this Aquaman arrives back to  New York  where his assassin stalks him in hopes of attacking him following his speech when he becomes weakened from being out of the water.   Aquaman then is forced into a Kevlar vest as he appears before the world's representatives in a effort to gain Poseidonis's entry into the U.N.  But following his speech grows angered at the questions asked of him being about his superhero identity and not Poseidonis itself, ending the press conference before storming off,into the rain.  Aquaman then senses his assassin the NKVDemon, and jumps three stories up to confront him.  He is then shot, only be saved by the Kevlar vest Mission had insisted he wore, before the Demon set his sights on his unprotected head. However Aquaman is then saved by  Batman who drives the villain away, before Aquaman leaves Batman to pursue his attacker. He then finds him and the two engage into hand to hand combat on a New York rooftop, before Aquaman finally defeats him with the police arresting him.  After the battle Batman assumes a disguise to check on Aquaman, while at Rykers Island NKVDemon is murdered in his cell by a prison guard.