Aquaman #10

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Green Lantern guest-stars as Aquaman and the emerald warrior clash on an explosive environmental issue. Meanwhile, things are coming apart in Atlantis as the city's monarch dies...and the Atlanteans can turn to only one person to hold their underwater world together!The Old One is dying and the various fish of the ocean are worked up trying to get a message to Aquaman,which is eventually delivered by a dolphin. While two divers attack a shark which injures a diver in self defense before being severely hurt. Seeing this on the news Kyle Rayner decides to help the people rid the shark instead of focusing on the galactic problems which so often call his attention. King Thesily continues his growing hatred of the people's growing approval of Koryak and his father fearing his loss of his throne,deciding to be first in the people's hearts or die trying.Green Lantern then reaches Crescent falls beach agreeing to kill the shark for the mayor, he then descends into the water preparing to shoot a shark he has seen with a harpoon gun construct only to be prevented by Aquaman. Aquaman then tells Rayenr the shark is off limits because it's dying and once it is dead it will be eaten by another, and that he spared the humans life before insulting him for not being the true Green Lantern which causes Kyle to decide to kill the shark. The two then commence in a battle before Green Lantern is attacked by a shark coming to Aquaman's aid. Aquaman then utilizes his grappling hook to steal the ring, but gives it back with a compliment and urging him to have the compassion his predecessor once had before leaving to talk with the old one for his message, which he has forgotten.Back in Poseidonis Theisly begins his plan calling Koryak away and lures him into a deserted hall to murder him with a hidden dagger but is stopped by another earthquake.Following the earthquake Thesily attacks Koryak, but is disarmed and crushed by falling debris.