Aquaman (vol 1) #28 VF

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Responding to a distress call from Captain "Forty Knot" Bradley, Aquaman and Aqualad are asked to clear an obstruction preventing the ship from retracting it's anchor. The obstruction turns out to be a sperm whale battling against a giant squid. The two sea creatures have become entangled in the anchor chain, in the midst of their blood feud. Their killing frenzy is so great that they ignore Aquaman's telepathic commands to cease fighting. Aquaman and Aqualad push the ship's anchor into a nearby volcanic "blow hole". The intense heat of the burning magma travels through the anchor, up the chain, to the warring marine creatures. When the chain becomes too hot to bear, the sea creatures end their struggle, and move away from the anchor chain, and each other. Freed of encumbrance, the anchor begins to slowly ascend to the surface. En route back to Atlantis, Aquaman and Aqualad are caught in an undersea explosion, and buried under a veritable mountain of coral. They are rescued by Dr. Starbuck, and his amazing animal companions, Boduhr, a gorilla, and Krakka, a sea eagle. Dr. Starbuck, a marine biologist, has perfected a method of turning air breathers into water breathers. Having abandoned life on the surface, Dr. Starbuck asks Aquaman for refuge in Atlantis. Aquaman goes one better, and, after showing Dr. Starbuck around the great domed city, proclaims him an honorary Atlantean and chief advisor to the throne. Just then, Topo arrives with another distress call from the surface. Aquaman and Aqualad mount up on their respective sea steeds, Storm and Imp. Bidding their farewells to Mera and Dr. Starbuck, the two heroes ride out of the city. Crossing over the Dungeon Depths, Aquaman and Aqualad are struck by giant bolos. Knocked from their sea horses, they plummet into the Dungeon Depths.When Storm and Imp return to Atlantis riderless, Mera fears the worst. Placing her infant son on the throne, she bestows regent status on Dr. Starbuck, giving him the power to rule over Atlantis...

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