Aquaman (vol 1) #58 VG

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Fisherman lays a trap for Aquaman, leaving Arthur Curry weakened and unable to escape! As the rays of the sun dehydrate the aquatic hero, he reflects back on his origins and childhood. Through A Past Darkly Aquaman returns to the Aquacave, in search of his wife, Mera. Unbeknownst to the Sea King, he is being monitored, from a remote view screen, by a mysterious, shadowy figure. Waiting for Aquaman, in his own home, is his old enemy, the Fisherman. Tasked by his current employer to remove Aquaman as a potential threat, the Fisherman quickly engages Aquaman in combat. Using an explosive fishing lure, the Fisherman herds Aquaman into position and drops a net over the Sea King. Aquaman is easily tearing his way free, when the Fisherman activates a depressurization field within the net, which gives Aquaman a severe case of the bends. With his foe doubled up in agony, the Fisherman gasses Aquaman into unconsciousness. Aquaman awakes to find himself lashed to a modified solar panel, one that has been placed in front of a lighthouse beacon. When the lamp activates, at dusk, it's light will pass through the solar panel, transmitting luminal energy intense enough to torch the King of the Seas. Though the Fisherman is intent on bearing witness to Aquaman's burning demise, he is radioed by his employer, and, reluctantly, leaves the scene. to complete his assignment. Weakened by his separation from the sea, Aquaman is unable to muster a strong enough telepathic signal to reach the ocean, and summon aid. Slowly, he comes to the realization that the lighthouse he is lashed to is the very one his father once owned, and where he grew up. Memories come flooding into the Sea King's mind. His father, Tom Curry, had rescued a beautiful woman from the storm tossed sea. They fell in love, and produced a child, Arthur. Early on, Tom Curry realized his son was special. Arthur could breath underwater, swim incredibly fast, and dangerous marine predators did not threaten him.

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