As you like it, Charlie Brown by Charles M. Schulz

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This wonderful collection of Peanuts cartoons was originally published in 1964. As with other Peanuts books, this one has two strips of four frames each, all of then from 1963-64. Because of the date, Rerun isn't here, but just about all of the other Peanuts stars are - Lucy, Violet, Schroeder, and even Sally.As with all of the Peanuts books, this one is absolutely great, and if you can get it, then do so! Among the many adventures that you will see in here are the group meeting a new boy named 555 95472 (5 for short - his Dad decided to surrender to the trend of reducing everyone to numbers), Charlie Brown getting "Little Leaguer's Elbow," and Snoopy surviving a flood (fortunately, his Van Gogh wasn't harmed).