Ashes of the Sun (Magic: The Gathering) (No 7)

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Ashes of the Sun is the story of Ayesh, a former wrestler who is the last of her great civilization. In Ayesh's world, storytelling is an art, and tales can be traded for food or other goods. Ayesh wants her people to be remembered, and so she travels the land, telling her tale. To her frustration she finds that stories often change each time they are told, and the great cities of Neah that were her home will not be remembered as they were. Ready to die, and with nothing left to live for, she is captured by Minotaurs! Forced into the middle of intricate Minotaur politics, she sees and does things she never thought possible. In the midst of her unusual captivity, she discovers she does want to live after all. Braddock creates a new world full of surprise and intrigue.

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