Askani'Son #2 NM

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Nathan and his comrade Tetherblood wet their whistle at a “milk” bar. After getting into an argument, a New Canaanite ‘Strator confronts both men and questions their allegiance to New Canaan. Meanwhile, Stryfe and Ch'Vayre head to Egypt to disrupt the tomb of En Sabah Nur. Will Stryfe regain the powers of Apocalypse, and resurrect an Age of Destruction? Nathan has gotten sidetracked and ends up beating some officials in a milk bar. Blaquesmith finds the boy and redirects him to finding the last of the Askani. Strator Umbridge is also seeking the Askani, but to destroy them. Her undercover work with a pirate ship brings her close to Stryfe. He is trying to reanimate life; namely, the armies of Apocalypse. He also gets word that the Askani faction still exists and the leader may be able to help him to achieve his goals of domination.