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 * RETURN of The 7-YEAR DEADMAN! * YO-YO Hangup in the SKY! STORY 1: An amnesiac crook regains his memory after seven years and goes after an old partner who didn’t show up for his memorial service, but the Atom intervenes.

STORY 2: Taking Harris back to his spaceship, Hawkman and his passenger encounter a gravity-defying auto, which he rescues, despite being similarly affected. The car's passengers turn out to be bank robbers trying to make a getaway, and they try to shoot him, unsuccessfully. Hawkman finally questions Harris, determining that his moonstone ring, bought that morning, is the teleportation device, and that the anti-gravity effect came from his own spaceship's grappler and repelling beams, accidentally activated by Harris when he was aboard. When he returns to police headquarters, he finds Hawkgirl there and she explains that the ring's strange powers were shorted out by the rapids.