Avengers (vol 1) #99 VG

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"They First Make Mad!" Part 2 of 3. Script by Roy Thomas. Pencils by Barry Windsor-Smith. Inks by Tom Sutton. Cover by John Buscema and Barry Windsor-Smith. Earth's Mightiest Heroes welcome back Hawkeye and Hercules to their ranks! However not all is well with the Prince of Power! Hercules has lost his memory! And while the Avengers feverishly work to restore it, Ares makes his next move! In a flash of light, Bia and Kratos appear inside Avengers Mansion and grab Hercules! Wow, this is the powerful duo that bound Prometheus in days of yore! But the Avengers don't care about the past, they will protect the Son of Zeus at all costs! The gods, demi-gods, and mortals throw down on Fifth Avenue for the Lion of Olympus! Cameo appearances by Jarvis, Ant-Man (aka Henry Pym), and the Black Panther. Flashback cameos by Goliath, the Guardsman (aka Kevin O'Brien), and the Skrulls to recap Clint Barton's narrow escape at the end of the Kree/Skrull war. Avengers Lineup: Captain America, Hawkeye, Hercules, Iron Man, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Thor, and the Vision. (Notes: The letters page includes a letter from comics historian George Olshevsky. The letters page also contains a statement of ownership: average print run 342,236; average paid circulation 206,478.) 32 pages. Cover price $0.20.