Azrael: Agent of the Bat (vol 1) #58 VF

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In Park Row, three guys tried to steal the supplies from the Medical Center. Azrael tried to talk sense to them, but instead they attacked him. Azrael took them down and went back to Leslie's bunker. He told her about the thieves and how bad he was feeling for drawing upon violence. Leslie told him that he has been up for more than three days now and that he should go and try to catch some sleep. Azrael thanked Leslie and went out to look for a place where he could sleep.  On the streets, Azrael glimpsed a shadow in a wall behind him but when he turned around to see who was it, the shadow was gone. Jean-Paul knew that it was her father's shape but it was impossible for he was dead. Suddenly he spotted a figure running away from the medical center and he thought it was another thief. Jean-Paul tackled the person down and then he realized that it was no thief but Mitzi Fredang, the girl he helped some time ago. She was running from his uncle, Jerry. Azrael didn't understood at first, but then she explained that her uncle died a year ago. Mitzi told Jean-Paul that she was also looking for her mother, but that she lost track of her when her mother ran to the Gotham gas company building.  Jean-Paul told Mitzi that he would go and find her mother. Mitzi thanked him and told him that he was handsome. Azrael felt weird after listening to that but he decided to disregard his emotions as he was tired and hungry. Azrael went into the gas building and a man warned him not to go inside as there might be gas leaks. Azrael asked for Mrs. Fredang and the man told him that she saw her earlier running away from a ghost into the main building. Azrael moved on and started looking for Mrs. Fredang but then he saw a fire burning in front of him. Suddenly, the spirit of St. Dumas appeared in front of him, surrounded by fire and told Azrael that it was time for him to get what he wanted. St. Dumas showed Jean-Paul, images from the people in his life and how his decisions and actions were driven towards them and also told him that it was time to get away from all of them. In the end, Azrael tried to rationalize the situation and told St. Dumas that he was just an illusion from his mind, caused by exhaustion and hunger. Before leaving, St. Dumas told him where Mrs. Fredang was and also told him about a certain boat sunk nearby Dixon's Docks.  Azrael woke up and then he searched for Mrs. Fredang where St. Dumas told him that she would be and found her right there. She was in shock and Azrael took her to where her daughter Mitzi was. Once that was done, Azrael went looking for the boat St. Dumas told him about and found it indeed. Azrael was thinking of St. Dumas' words and started sailing away from Gotham. In the middle of the way, Azrael had a change of heart and returned to Gotham. He found Mitzi and her mother and gave them the boat he just found. The air was dense with fog, something unusual in Gotham. Mitzi thanked Jean-Paul for his kindness and asked him to take off his mask. Jean-Paul removed his mask and allowed Mitzi to kiss him. Mitzi and her mother got inside the boat and sailed away from Gotham.  Later, Jean-Paul returned to Leslie and started helping her with the chores in the medical center. Leslie thanked Jean-Paul and she lectured him on life lessons, as she was used to do.  Somewhere in the Gotham river, Mitzi and her mother were sailing in the boat but they lost sight of any shore because of the fog. They couldn't see anything but a complete whiteness. Suddenly, Mrs. Fredang realized that Jerry was somewhere, very close to them.