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Cover by Nick Cardy. "This Onell Kill You, Batman." 20 pages. Story by Denny ONeil. Pencils by Irv Novick. Inks by Dick Giordano. The Joker douses Batman with a chemical that causes him to laugh uncontrollably. Now Batman must come up with a way to counteract it before the Harlequin of Hate causes him to die laughing. "The Grade A Crimes." 13 pages. Reprinted from Batman 16. Story by Ruth Lyons Kaufman. Pencils by Dick Sprang. Inks by Jack Burnley. Batman and Robin match wits with a gang of jewel thieves who specialize in before dawn robberies. "The Perfect Crime, Slightly Imperfect." 12 pages. Reprinted from Batman 181. Story by Gardner Fox. Pencils by Sheldon Moldoff (Ghosting for Bob Kane). Inks by Sid Greene. A mystery writer acquaintance of Batmans is kidnapped, only no one knows it because a double has replaced her. Only Batman picks up on the clue that gives the double away. Now he just has to save his friend. "The Case Without a Crime." 12 pages. Reprinted from Detective Comics 112. Story by Alvin Schwartz. Art by Win Mortimer. An innocent mistake leads Batman and Robin into a case where the only clue is a one dollar bill. "The Pearl of Peril." 4 pages. Reprinted from Batman 27. Art by Jerry Robinson. Alfred stars in a tale about a man who finds pearls in restaurant oysters. "The Riddlers Prison-Puzzle problem." 15 pages. Reprinted from Detective 377. Story by Gardner Fox. Pencils by Frank Springer. Inks by Sid Greene. To foil the Riddlers latest plan, Batman must get himself locked in the cell meant for the Prince of Puzzlers. 96 pages. Full color. Cover price $0.60.