Batman #341 VF

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Cover art by Jim Aparo. "The Ghost of Wayne Mansion" starring Batman, Man-Bat, Dr. Terrence Thirteen, James Gordon, Poison Ivy (Flashback), and Rupert Thorne, script by Gerry Conway, pencils by Irv Novick, inks by Frank McLaughlin; Two kids run out of abandoned Wayne Manor, screaming that the house is haunted; One of them goes to a police officer and tells his wild tale; The news reaches Commissioner Gordon, who goes to the Wayne Foundation to ask Bruce Wayne for permission to inspect the house; Rupert Thorne returns to Gotham City after being locked away in Arkham Asylum. Hostess Cup Cakes ad starring Red Tornado, pencils by Curt Swan, inks by Vince Colletta. "Murder Will Out" Just A Moment Mystery, script by Robin Snyder, art by Adrian Gonzales. "Night of the Coven," script by Gerry Conway, pencils by Trevor Von Eeden, inks by Mike DeCarlo; Batman solves the murder of a wealthy woman named Mrs. Sawyer. 36 Pages, Full Color. Cover price $0.60.