Batman and Robin (vol 1) #8 NM

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As the heroes wait to see if the "resurrection" of will work, Batwoman's father alerts them to a group of gangster closing on them. They make short work of them. However, when they wait to see what Batman's response will be, the newcomer simply roars and charges at them...  The story then jumps back to the middle of the Final Crisis, to just after Batman's escape from the Evil Factory. Simyan and Mokkari had tried to create an army of soldiers with the Batman's incredible power and drive, and had instead been left with some 200 raving clones. Darkseid ordered them to destroy all of the clones, "except one"...  In Gotham, Alfred stands ready to receive Damian from the doctors Talia al Ghul hired to fix his spine. He is informed that if he exerts himself at all, the graft will not take. He waves them off and dismisses Alfred.  The heroes work together to try to subdue "Batman", but he escapes in a Batcopter, just as King Coal destroys the mine with a bomb. Batwoman's leg is broken in the collapse, but Batman has a plan, and when Knight and Squire manage to break through the rubble to them, Batwoman, up and about, declares that Batman is dead!  "Batman" makes it to the building where Alfred and Robin are. He looms over Damian...