Batman: Manbat #1-3 Complete Set VF

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1. In this Elseworlds miniseries, Batman must stop Kirk Langstrom, the Man-Bat, from fulfilling his demented dreams of genocide and a world populated by a new race of man-bats. Written by Jamie Delano, with painted art and cover by John Bolton. Suggested for Mature Readers.
2. The Elseworlds miniseries continues: Batman locates Man-Bat's lair beneath the desert and savage violence erupts, while Kirk Langstrom's wife begins to undergo a shocking metamorphosis.
3. It's the nerve-shattering conclusion to this Elseworlds miniseries! Batman makes a final, desperate attempt to stop Langstrom from creating a warped new species of man-bats. And if the Dark Knight fails, humanity will be supplanted by monsters as Earth's dominant life form.