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"This is the story of how Abraham Lincoln sent a Bat-Man to secure the greatest source of wealth in a generation for the forces of the Union...and how, at the height of the most critical upheaval in America's history, a new state rose from the wilderness..." BATMAN: THE BLUE, THE GREY AND THE BAT is an Elseworlds tale in the historic tradition of BATMAN: GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT and BATMAN: MASTER OF THE FUTURE. This time, Batman is in the American West during the Civil War on a dangerous secret mission for President Lincoln. As he relentlessly pursues a threat to the Union, Batman, and his alter ego Bruce Wayne, encounter Samuel Clemens, Wild Bill Hickok and other luminaries of the Old West. His servant and friend, the ever-droll Alfred, makes his contribution to the action, as does the Bat-Man's Native American partner, Redbird. Written by Elliot S. Maggin, with art and cover by Alan Weiss and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. 68 pages. Prestige Format. The cover is on special ivory matte-textured stock, evoking the feeling of the Old West.