Batman (vol 1) #384 NM

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The remaining members of Dr. Fang's gang decide to accept help from the mysterious Monitor, who gets in touch with Calendar Man and tells him to starts his next set of crimes in Gotham City, which will culminate with the death of Batman on March 21.  Meanwhile, Harvey Bullock is tired of waiting for Batman to give him the information on Dr. Fang's gang and decides to leave while the Dark Knight returns to the last place where Catwoman was seen and he discovers that she managed to survive. Later, as he returns home, Batman is summoned to a crime scene and all the evidence points to the Calendar Man. When Bruce returns to the Batcave, he verifies the information with Robin and then he goes to Wayne Manor, where he gets a call from Vicki Vale, ending their relationship after Bruce failed to go to the planned date. Without Vicki's relationship and knowing that Selina is alive, Bruce's mind returns to Nocturna and in an attempt to bring him out of his obsession, Alfred tries to convince Bruce to date his own daughter, Julia.  The next night however, Batman and Robin are out trying to capture the Calendar Man and Julia ends up alone in Wayne Manor with her father. Alfred convinces her not to give up on Bruce Wayne and during diner, Julia tells Alfred that she will start using the name Pennyworth instead of Remarque, much to Alfred's joy. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin confront the Calendar Man, but they are unable to capture him. However, during the confrontation, they learn about Calendar Man's plan to murder Batman.