Batman (vol 1) #538 FN

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Batman watches helplessly as Man-Bat is struck by a ray generated by the pulse injector. Surprisingly, Man-Bat survives the shock and flies away from the facility. The government agents and the scientists are surprised of the results of the experiments. A few moments later, another ray is fired but this time it strikes one of the scientists who died, immediately leaving only the skull and his boots. Batman knows the danger of the beam and he destroys the artifact. The people notice him but he manages to escape using the government agents' helicopter. Dr. Steinman decides to follow Batman in a dogsled.  Batman follows Man-Bat's trail but the chopper runs out of fuel before he can reach Langstrom. Doctor Lydea Steinman reaches Batman and offers him a ride. During the trip they discuss important matters about the HAARP Project; and the responsibility that wielding such power would mean. The government agents catch up with them and Batman stops to get rid of them once and for all. Meanwhile in Gotham City, Commissioner Gordon tells Francine Langstrom that her husband is still alive and that Batman is working to get him back.  Later; Batman and Dr. Steinman find a cave and giant footprints that indicate that Man-Bat is inside the cave. Batman tells the doctor to wait for him outside while he enters the cave and deals with Man-Bat.  Batman tries to speak to Langstrom but the doctor is completely berserk and contolled by the animal inside him. The two of the struggle for a while. Batman then tells him to use him as his prey. Man-Bat approaches close enough for Batman to inject the antidote as the creature grabs him and takes off the ground. The antidote starts to work and Langstrom starts to transform back into a human but they are still in mid air. Batman uses the time left of Langstrom's wings to direct their fall into a pile of soft snow. Batman comes out of the cave with Dr. Langstrom now fully human. Batman gives him his cape and both meet Dr. Steinman who is astonished to see the real man behind the beast. The three of them walk away into the light of the rising sun.