Biker Mice from Mars #2 NM

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The three issues is an adaption of the first episode, "Rock 'n' Ride".(Note: Sometimes, the comic book will differ from the cartoon. I will point these part out as I go along.)The Biker Mice are back in the garage, talking with Charley. You can see Modo's bionic hand in the foreground. Vinnie is on the left, leaning against a filing cabinet, while Throttle is on the right, leaning against a desk. Charley can't believe that she's been saved by a a "bunch of giant gerbils?!?", to which Throttle politely corrects her ("Mice, ma'am. We're Mice. Modo: You were expecting maybe turtles?) That's just as unbelievable to Charley, especially "six-foot Mice...with motorcycles...and biker clothes.. "Vinnie: Yo, sweetheart -- You forgot to mention studly bods! Charley: I've seen better! Vinnie: Maybe! But not with this much charm!(Note: You'd have to hear him say that in the episode.)The Mice explain to Charley where they come from. Throttle then shows Charley by using what fans have come to call, "Touch-Telepathy": His antennae glows as he touches her forehead with them. Charley now sees Throttle's memories in her mind, as his voice accompanies the images she sees. She first sees an ugly, brown planet. This is the planet, Plutark. An armada of ships stream from Plutark, on their way to strip-mine other planets. Then, she sees the Plutarkians on Mars, stripping it of its resources. But an army of Mice --Throttle identifies them as the Freedom Fighters (on the show, he simply says "the Cavemouse population".)-- are fighting the Plutarkians.(Note: It's not clear in the comic, but in the show, you can see the leaders of the Mice. They were Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie.)Throttle breaks contact, but continues: Throttle: Modo gave an arm to the cause! Vinnie had half his face taken off! Vinnie: Still cute, though!(Note: On the show, Vinnie's line was, "Yeah, but that's okay, because what's left is still grade-A Mouse material!"