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Brandon Spread Massacre
Part I Billy the Kid seeks work as a foreman at a friend's ranch, Frank Brandon. He arrives, only to find everyone dead, seemingly killed by Arapahos. Billy finds a note from Frank's daughter, Laura, who was coming home that day. Billy rides out and manages to rescue her from another Indian attack. He tells her about the attack on the ranch, and about her father's death. He takes her to town, where she sends for her cousins and an Uncle Horace. Billy is suspicious of the the uncle.Weeks later, after the funeral, Billy and Laura finds themselves falling in love with each other. After a sneak attack on the two, Uncle Horace arrives. Billy's suspicion grow as he recognizes the name.The Kid's Suspicions
Part II Billy and Laura are in town to recruit ranch hands. Some tough guy thinks he can take on the Kid, but Laura gets the drop on them with a rifle. Billy and Laura get their recruits, including a guy named Wilson.  After an attack by the Indians, Billy and some of the men go after the attackers.End of Hangman's Trail
Part III Billy and the men catch up to the Indians, and, after a quick battle, the Indians are captured, but the chief makes a run for it. Billy gives chase, and catches up to him, only to have the chief draw a knife on Billy. But the chief manages to stab himself. As he lays dying, we see that the chief is Horace Brandon. Horace then dies. Billy returns to the ranch with Horace's horse. Along the way, he is thinking of asking Laura to marry him. But when he returns, he finds that Laura and Wilson (Ken) have married. Billy is stunned, but unwilling to come between the two, he rides off, once again roaming the west as a free man. Iron Horse This is a little page about the railroad and its effects on the Indians in the west  .Buffalo Bill, Army Scout This is a page about Buffalo Bill's days as an army scout.