Cable (vol 1) #102 NM

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  • THE SCOOP: Welcome to Skopje, Macedonia — home of ethnic cleansing, cloning and Cable!
  • THE STORY: The critically-acclaimed team of artist Igor Kordey and writer David Tischman kick into high gear with their second blockbuster story arc! Following the events of issue #100, Cable is very close to becoming an ordinary man, since his powers are still in flux. That's bad news since he's uncovered a Macedonian plot to "cleanse" Ethnic Albanians, only to discover the Albanians have deadly plans of their own! Even an Askani Warrior can make a mistake, but can even an Askani Warrier fix it in time?
  • THE BUZZ: “Are you like me, one of those comic readers who looked at Rob Liefeld's squinty-eyed, teeth-gritting Cable... and dismissed the character's subsequent appearances for almost a decade? The time for dismissal has come to an end. David Tischman and Igor Kordey have taken an empty vessel and crafted a story of remarkable relevance around him.”