Captain America (vol 1) #227 NM

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Cover by Jerry Bingham. "This Deadly Gauntlet!", script by Roger McKenzie, pencils by Sal Buscema (breakdowns), Mike Esposito (finished art), John Tartaglione (as John Tartag, finished art), inks by Mike Esposito and John Tartaglione (as John Tartag); Captain America runs through the bowels of the helicarrier, hounded by an army of Red Skulls; In the control room, the true Red Skull gloats; When the sun rises momentarily, its rays will be reflected through a magnifying prism, killing the chained Nick Fury; Soon afterward, Cap defeats a Skull sentry and enters a parlor, where Red Skull awaits; Cap throws his shield, but it's caught in Red Skull's magnetic barrier; Skull alerts Cap that the rising sun is about to kill Fury, and warns Cap that if he attacks or tries to save Fury, he will activate the Deaths-Head ray sooner than planned; Recalling Bucky's death, Cap appears frozen with indecision. Hostess snack cakes ad starring Thor. 36 pgs., full color. Cover price $0.35.