Captain America (vol 1) #292 VG

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"An American Christmas"

Steve Rogers and Bernie share a romantic moment until Jack Monroe blunders in. Meanwhile Jesse Black Crow has another vision reminding him that as the spirit of old America, he must kill Captain America, the spirit of new America, to balance the scales. Weeks later, Steve and Bernie leave Bennett Advertising. Black Crow attacks Steve, steals a lock of his hair, and vanishes. In the weeks that follow, Cap attends Avengers meetings, Jack interviews for jobs, and Steve shops with Bernie and works on art assignments. On Christmas Eve, Steve and Bernie throw a holiday party until a crow flies in and scratches Steve. Cap and Nomad investigate and Bernie follows. Black Crow attacks the heroes, quickly defeating them at the Brooklyn Bridge. As Black Crow prepares to kill Cap, the Avenger kneels in respect. Laughing, Black Crow announces that the earth spirit is pleased and departs in peace. Elated that Cap survived, Bernie proposes marriage. Days later in Central Park, the Avengers vanish in a flash of light.