Captain America (vol 1) #392 NM

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"Superia Unbound" Part 6 of 6. Guest-starring Paladin. Script by Mark Gruenwald. Pencils by Rik Levins. Inks by Danny Bulanadi. Cover by Ron Lim and Danny Bulanadi. This is it! The conclusion of the Superia Stratagem saga! On the island of Femizonia, the star-spangled avenger, Paladin, Diamondback, Black Mamba and the Asp make their final stand against Superia's malevolent machinations! The quintet of heroes and erstwhile villains must find a way off the island! But they can't leave until Superia's plot to sterilize the human race is stopped! The Sentinel of Liberty and Black Mamba engage Arclight, Bombshell, Mysteria, and the Wrangler; while Paladin, Diamondback, and the Asp clash with Ferocia, Ice Princess, Iron Maiden, and Whiteout! Those initial battles eventually set the stage for the main event! Captain America vs. Superia! On the beach of Femizonia, can the Living Legend outwit and outmaneuver the superior Superia? Cameo appearance by the Vision. (Notes: Superia returns in Captain America 411. Although depicted on the cover in his familiar red, white, and blue uniform; Cap actually wears Black Mamba's costume in this issue.) 36 pages Cover price $1.00.