Captain America (vol 1) #398 NM

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Operation: Galactic Storm Part 1 - It Came From Outer Space. Experiencing a prophetic dream about millions of horrible deaths on Hala, Rick Jones reaches out to Captain America to meet and talk. Their meet is interrupted by Warstar of the Imperial Guard, who tries to capture Rick. Protecting Rick, Captain America takes Warstar on alone while Rick flees only to be intercepted and captured by more of the Imperial Guard .Meanwhile on Hala, the Supreme Intelligence secretly activates Supremor as the first member of the Kree Starforce. The Skeleton Crew - Silence of the Night Cutthroat, Blackwing and Jack O'Lantern's plan to free Mother Night from police custody proves unnecessary as she frees herself. She brings them to the Red Skull's base, where he is secretly still alive, and he cruelly beats her in private for allowing herself to be apprehended by Captain America.