Captain Marvel #16 FN

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First appearance of Captain Marvel's classic red and blue costume.
Behind the Mask of Zo! Last issue Mar-Vell allowed himself to be taken prisoner by the followers of the Pagan Kree God Tam-Bor. After arriving at their base, Mar-Vell escapes and attempts to destroy the statue of Tam-Bor containing a magnetic device which threatens the universe. Suddenly Ronan appears and attempts to kill Mar-Vell, however Mar-Vell succeeds in his mission. Ronan continues his attack when the Supreme Sentry arrives and banishes him under the command of The Supreme Intelligence. The Supreme Sentry then transports Mar-Vell to the Kree capital planet Hala where the Supreme Intelligence tells Mar-Vell that he was being manipulated all along. Mar-Vell discovers that Zo was really a creation of Minister Zarek and Ronan the Accuser, who where using Mar-Vell to overthrow the Kree Empire and take control themselves. Realising he has been foiled, Zarek attempts to assassinate the Supreme Intelligence with a Negatron Sphere but Mar-Vell shields the blast with his body. In return for his loyalty The Supreme Intelligence clears Mar-Vell of being a traitor and endows him with a new costume, new powers and allows him to return to Earth to get revenge against Yon-Rogg. However on his way to Earth, Mar-Vell suddenly finds himself pulled into the Negative Zone.