Captain Marvel #18 VG

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Vengeance is Mine! Rick Jones arrives at a bar and joins the band on stage. A heckler pushes Rick too far and Rick attacks him. An agent who was in the crowd was impressed enough with Rick's performance to offer him his services, however Rick declines. Elsewhere Yon-Rogg has kidnapped Carol Danvers and taken her to another abandoned Kree outpost on Earth. The villain uses an outlawed device called a Psyche-Magnitron to create a Mandroid to attack Mar-Vell when he inevitably arrives to rescue Carol. Captain Marvel defeats both the Mandroid and Yon-Rogg but Carol is injured during the battle. The now damaged Psyche-Magnitron explodes, apparently killing Yon-Rogg and finally allowing Mar-Vell to gain his long sought after vengeance. The Captain had rescued Carol and flown far enough from the blast to only be stunned. An exhausted Mar-Vell lays down the unconscious Danvers and using the Nega-Bands, swaps places with Rick Jones. The youth, who is just as exhausted, collapses to the ground. Note: Carol Danver's exposure to the exploding Psyche-Magnitron in this issue would become the source of the powers that cause her to become the super-heroine Ms. Marvel, and eventually take the title of Captain Marvel herself.

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