Captain Marvel (vol 1) #2 PR

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From the Void of Space Comes... The Super Skrull!On the Skrull home planet, the Emperor wonders why their age-old enemies The Kree have sent the war hero Captain Mar-Vell to Earth, who in turn destroyed one of their own Sentries. The Emperor commands the banished Super Skrull to investigate, promising him any reward for his success. As Super Skrull heads towards Earth, he decides he’ll ask for the Princess’ hand in marriage. Back at his hotel Mar-Vell takes his breathing potion then discovers his carry-all cylinder is missing. He worries because if anyone tampers with it, a timer will be activated that will trigger a nuclear explosion. As his clothes were also in the cylinder case, Mar-Vell covers his costume with a trench coat, hides his helmet and gloves in a paper bag and rushes out. On his way he discovers the regular hotel clerk Jeremy Logan left in a rush. Mar-Vell deduces Logan must be the one who stole his case and wonders where he took it.Logan is speeding towards The Cape when he is stopped by a military guard who offers to escort him on motorcycle. Simultaneously a Skrull star ship lands in the nearby mountainous area. Super Skrull’s oscilloscope detects Kree radiation as the vehicles approach. Realizing the soldier is not Kree, Super Skrull, who has the powers of all the Fantastic Four, stretches out his arm with the power of Mr. Fantastic and knocks the soldier off his bike with the strength of The Thing. The Skrull yanks Logan out of his vehicle and takes Mar-Vell’s cylinder from him. Meantime Walter Lawson gets out of a nearby cab and hears Logan’s cries for help. He changes to Captain Marvel and flies to the rescue only for Super Skrull to throw Logan off a mountain ledge. Mar-Vell jets underneath Logan and breaks his fall but the clerk is knocked unconscious. Mar-Vell then heads for his case but is attacked by Super Skrull using the powers of Human Torch. The Man of Kree realizes the Skrull won’t kill him as his mission is to extract information...