Captain Marvel (vol 1) #58 VG

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This is during the award winning Captain Marvel #50-62 by Dough Moench and artist Pat Broderick. Wondering through space, Drax the Destroyer discovers that his adversary Thanos has been turned to stone, and goes berserk with rage, believing his sole reason for existence robbed by the one man in the universe capable of defeating Thanos, the Kree warrior Mar-Vell. Meanwhile, Mar-Vell has left the space observatory in Denver, even donning the clothes of an Earth man, and hitchhiking into town, to "discover Earth" and finally pursue his destiny as a solo entity, rather than being linked to Rick Jones. However, that exploration is once again interrupted by a berserk Destroyer. Unable to reason with him, Mar-Vell fights back as Denver pays the price for the battle. The battle ends as ISAAC, Thanos' living computer, convinces both parties to travel to Titan to put an end to the Titan's legacy--unaware that they are walking into a trap.