Catwoman (vol 2) #29 VF

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Catwoman and Mouse go undercover to case the bank they plan to rob. They convince the bank manager to show them the lockbox room, where Mouse pretends to faint while Catwoman plants a camera. The four thieves later watch the bank manager and security guards unlocking the vault to learn the passcodes.  Mouse and Giz go to the county's municipal center to study the blueprints for the bank, which is how they learn about the abandoned tunnels Catwoman and Giz use to break in. The two drill through a wall while Slyfox races a stolen car outside, distracting the police and anybody who might hear the drill.  They decide to complete the job the next day, once they can loop the alarm system. Penguin, still listening in, again tells his men to wait rather than doing the job themselves.  The four thieves blast into the vault and use the codes to break in. As the others rob the lockboxes, Catwoman carefully opens A-1307 and pulls out a ledger, the last twenty pages of which she records before returning it to the lockbox.  Cavanaugh sends the recording of the ledger to the Psyba-Rats. American mobsters are shipping their dirty money abroad to be laundered in foreign banks, and the ledger contains all the information they need to steal that money. And in the next phase, they will be joined by Steeljacket.