Classic X-Men (vol 1) #16 NM

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The X-Men return to Earth, having recently dethroned the mad Shi'ar emperor, D'Ken, and saving the galaxy from the threat of the M'Kraan Crystal. The Starjammers accompany them and drop Lilandra Neramani off at the Xavier school. Before returning to outer space, Corsair has a brief conversation with Phoenix. He makes her promise that she will not tell Cyclops that he is actually his father. Phoenix agrees to his wishes, but feels as if she is betraying Cyclops by keeping such a secret from him. Storm overhears the conversation and warns Jean about keeping such vital information from Scott.

Soon after, Jean reunites with her parents, John and Elaine. She tells them of her recent experiences and her new identity as the Phoenix. From a distance, Scott Summers observes the conversation and grows concerned. Jean seems like an entirely different person now. Nightcrawler enters the room and tries to pull Scott out of his depression. Scott snaps at him, and Nightcrawler fires back at how difficult it is being born blue and furry.

The other X-Men decide to take a much-needed vacation. Moira MacTaggert tells them of a lake in New York where Charles and she once visited during their courtship. Wolverine elects to tag along in order to do some hunting. Storm is appalled at the notion, and criticizes him for wishing to kill defenseless animals. Wolverine responds sharply indicating that it "takes no skill to kill..." and that he prefers sneaking up on an unsuspecting doe and tapping it on its hindquarters. Storm apologizes for misjudging him, but Wolverine can't care less.

Meanwhile in Canada, James MacDonald Hudson, an agent of a defense program known as Department H dons a battle-suit and becomes Weapon Alpha. He flies to the United States on a mission to capture the rogue secret agent, Wolverine, and bring him back to Canada. James and Wolverine have a long history together, and he knows that he will be in for the fight of his life.

At the lake, Storm and Colossus relax on the shore, taking in the sun, while Banshee and Moira play around in the water. Wolverine skulks about the surrounding area, tracking a small deer. Just as he comes in close enough to touch it, Weapon Alpha appears before him. Wolverine unsheathes his claws and launches himself at Hudson. Hudson refers to Wolverine as "Weapon-X" and states that he is still the property of the Canadian government. Wolverine has no intention of returning to his former employers, and begins slashing at Weapon Alpha. Fortunately, the electromagnetic fields of Hudson's battle-suit protects him from Wolverine's Adamantium claws. He blasts the feisty mutant with his repulsor weapons, sending him flying through the trees.

Wolverine lands close to the lake and the other X-Men snap to attention. Weapon Alpha engages Peter Rasputin, who transforms into Colossus and punches him back through the trees. Regaining control of his suit's flight systems, he turns back and unleashes a volley of electro-blasts against Colossus. One of the shots ricochets off of the hero's steel frame and hits Moira MacTaggert. Banshee goes berserk and pummels Weapon Alpha with a concentrated sonic scream. Hudson realizes that he is woefully unprepared to take on Wolverine, as well as his teammates. Promising a rematch, he flies off and returns to Canada.