Code of Honor #1-4 Complete Set VF

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1. In this issue we meet Jeffery Piper, a rookie cop in New York City. He has aspirations of doing good, and being a hero, yet he finds himself hated by the public for the uniform he wears, while superpowered "heroes" destroy the city and take the glory. From the 1970'd starting with the emergence of Power Man, to the emergence of the Punisher, this issue follows Piper, as he deals with troubles on the job, and a new girlfriend who is not well liked by his parents off the job.

2. In this issue Jeffrey Piper finds his job becoming harder as he notices a disconnect between the Marvels and the common Man. First as he has to guard the Avengers during the wedding of Vision and Scarlett Witch, all the way to the Phoenix Saga. The weirdness in his work life spills over into his personal life as he decides to give his fiancé the Catholic wedding she wants much to the ire of his mother.

3. Set a few years after issue number two, the book opens just before the Secret War. This is when the Frost Giants came from Asgard and brought winter to the streets in July. Our protagonist, Jeff Piper, and nearly a precinct worth of cops take The Punisher off the streets. At the same time there is a bright light that engulfs the city, and it quickly becomes public news that the Marvel Big Guns have been removed from the city. At the same time we are learning that the neighborhood Jeff Piper & his wife moved into has become crime ridden, and this is a point of contention between him and his wife. Things are made worse with the absence of The Punisher and the other heroes. So his wife takes the kids and leaves. Jeff throws himself into his job, as the cops are given better equipment to handle the growing supervillain problem. Yet even with new guns and the help of Marvel second stringers, some villains such as the Abomination prove too difficult to handle.

4. The book opens with Jeffery Piper laying awake in his apartment. Unable to sleep for the loss of his family and the night time noises they make. After a while he notices the whole city has gone quiet, and when he looks out his window he sees that New York is buried in a freak summer snow storm that has buried stories of buildings. The cops are sent out into the street but notice that most of the troubles are coming from the sky. They fire at anything that flies towards them only to find out that once again their bullets are useless. After the fight, Jeff goes home to his parents house where he is given the advice to take it easy and visit his children. On their night out after the movies, Jeff walks them by the Baxter Building thinking it would be something his children would like to see. When they arrive, they watch as the Baxter Building is launched into space. When he gets his kids back home, he hears a lot of yelling about how he puts his children's lives in danger, and his wife refuses to let him see the kids again. Jeff goes to work the next day to find he has a new female partner. As they go out on patrol, they find themselves in the middle of Inferno. As they are inspecting something they see is weird, they are led to a building, where something comes over them and the two lose themselves to their lustful feelings. As that is going on, Jeff's mother goes to see his wife and tells her that he really needs her. The two talk, and in the morning, Anna (Jeff's' wife) visits him and says she would like for them to get back together.

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