What If... the Fantastic Four had lost the trial of Galactus... ? #15 NM

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During an attack on the Earth by Galactus, he was defeated when Dr. Strange confronted him with the ghosts of all the beings slain on the worlds he devoured. He would have died had Reed Richards not intervened and spared his life. Galactus would then go on to destroy the Skrull Throneworld, leading to Reed's abduction into deep space and placement before a council made up of survivors of the worlds Galactus destroyed to stand trial. Reed's life was spared when Galactus made an appearance out of gratitude and brought along the cosmic entity known as Eternity to explain Galactus' role in existence. But, in this reality, Galactus does no such thing... Plot Without Galactus' appeal to sway the verdict of the council, Reed Richards was sentenced to death and executed immediately by Empress Lilandra of the Shi'ar Empire. The rest of the Fantastic Four, brought to observe the proceedings by Uatu the Watcher, were set to get revenge for their slain comrade when Uatu quickly transports them back to Earth. A few million light-years distance was not enough to quell their bloodlust, and the FF commandeered a Skrull saucer they had impounded on a previous adventure as well as Annihilus' Cosmic Control Rod. They took off for the Shi'ar Throneworld for their vengeance. Meanwhile, Gladiator of the Shi'ar imperial guard was questioning Lilandra's decision, earning him an indefinite leave of absence from the planet. As his shuttle took off, Lilandra was alerted to the FF's ship entering their space. A ship flies out to meet them, but is quickly dispatched by the Human Torch while the Invisible Woman protected their own ship with her force fields. Suddenly, the odds did not look in their favor as a good number of the Imperial Guard entered the fray. Sue took the Control Rod and placed it within the saucer's weapon systems. The combination created a blast so powerful it completely obliterated the Shi'ar planet. The FF return home, more depressed than when they left