Cosmic Powers Unlimited Starring The Silver Surfer #2 NM

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Kismet Kismet is watching the cocoons of the Enclave members who she has saved from death after an attack by AIM. But a mysterious power enters the room and they are all reborn with cosmic powers. They no longer wish to dominate, but use their powers for good.  They travel the world attempting to do good. But they are unaware of the imbalance in nature they are creating, and all they do get worse after they leave. Kismet attempts to stop them from their actions. Eventually, they learn the error of their ways and agree to have Kismet teach them in the use of their powers.  The Silver Surfer The Silver Surfer is witnessing a dying world when he is caught in a cosmic force of unknown nature. Arriving on the scene is Kismet and the Enclave who deem the being a threat to the universe.  The Enclave members stand up to the creature but are consumed by it. Kismet believes she has lost her only family and attacks, but is stopped by the Silver Surfer. He tells her that this being is known as Khatylis and they are now caught in it's matrix, threatening all life in the universe. They combine with the being to stop the cataclysm.  This causes the damage they had done to reverse and they are all reborn on a newly made planet. They understand the nature of Khatylis and leave him to his work.  Sundragon Sundragon is returning to Earth when she picks up the distress call of a Rigellian colony world. They are being attacked by The Dance, a strange race with questionable motives. They are attempting to drain the world of it's energies.   In order to stop them, Sundragon removes the energy herself in order to leave them with no reason to remain. She soon finds they are planning to use the energy to stop a comet from colliding with a nearby planet. But they do not have significant energies to do so. Sundragon helps to divert the comet, believing that she had stopped them from doing good.  The Dance leaves and she finds what she had saved, an uninhabitable world.

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