Daredevil #112 VG

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As Daredevil climbs up into the Black Spectre's blimp he watches in horror as it's minions succeed in knocking down the communications tower on the Empire State Building, sending it crashing to the ground. As he climbs up the rope ladder he is attacked by Nekra, however he manages to slip past her and get inside the blimp where he is immediately attacked by the Mandrill. However, Daredevil is ambushed by Nekra, who lands a knock-out blow that puts Daredevil under. Mandrill orders that Daredevil be tied up with Shanna the She-Devil and orders his minions to set a course for Washington D.C. As the blimp flies off, Foggy Nelson calls the authorities for help, however the military, Avengers and Fantastic Four are pressed down due to the fact that the Mandrill has stated that he has planted an a-bomb under Manhattan and will detonate it if anyone acts against him and nobody wants to call his bluff.

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