Daredevil #122 VF

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Since Foggy Nelson has been captured by Hydra, Daredevil, the Black Widow, and SHIELD have been scouring the city trying to find out where the terrorist organization has taken him. Their search leads them nowhere, until the Black Widow finds a calling card of the criminal Blackwing detailing that Hydra has an outpost hidden in a warehouse in Queens. Daredevil convinces Natasha to let him go, but not before the two get into an argument over who is going to save Foggy Nelson.

Daredevil leaves and pauses to take out his frustrations. Natasha sees this and the two talk about their relationship and how it's not working. They make up and decide to go to the warehouse together, fully aware that it is probably a trap. Sure enough, Blackwing and El Jaguar are waiting for them in the warehouse poised to attack. When the two heroes attack, Natasha goes for a direct assault allowing for Daredevil to sneak in while the others are distracted.

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