Daredevil #17 PR

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After the Masked Marauder tricked Spider-Man and Daredevil into fighting, Spider-Man has picked up Daredevil via his spider sense and crashes in on the law office of Nelson and Murdock and attacks Foggy Nelson figuring that he's Daredevil.

Matt and Karen convince Spider-Man that Foggy couldn't be Daredevil, and Spider-Man then flees the scene realizing that he made a mistake. However, afterwards, Foggy plays up the situation by not denying that he's Daredevil to hopefully win over Karen and soon leaves the office. When Matt is left alone, he changes into Daredevil and swings over to the makers of the XB-390 plans that the Marauder stole. Overhearing them he learns that without the formula, the plans for the XB-390 are useless.

Daredevil intercepts Spider-Man along the way, and after a brief battle, the two decide to work together to stop the Marauder. When the Marauder attacks the location of the formula, the two heroes work together to stop the Marauder and their men and destroy the Marauder's blimp.