Daredevil #210 VF

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The story begins with some savage men from Micah Synn's tribe kidnapping a prisoner from the guards inside a cemetery - the villain Crossbow. Next day in the morning Matt Murdock pays a quick visit to Glorianna and when he arrives at his office he hears from Foggy that the media thinks Daredevil should be arrested because his recent attacks to Micah Synn. Then Horatio Piper and Micah arrive at the office and asks for a restraint order for Daredevil to stay away from Micah. Micah smells Matt's scarf before they leave. In another place in town, Micah's savage men try to robb one of Kingpin's truck, but Kingpin is inside and defeat them all, saying that Micah Synn had betrayed him. That same night Daredevil breaks in Micah Synn's place but find him awayting for him with a trap. Crossbow was hidden and shoot some arrows at Daredevil. Daredevil fights Crossbow, get captured in a trap but manages to escape but bledding a lot. Suddenly the security guards arrive at the scene and demands to Daredevil leave because that restraint order.  At the end Micah smells one part of Daredevil's uniform and realizes he and Matt Murdock are the same person.