Daredevil #213 NM

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Horatio Piper is starting to question his loyalty to Micah Synn and his tribe as they had been doing human sacrifices last issues and kidnapped Debbie Harris. Daredevil was sent by Kingpin to defeat Micah's savage men in a trap, but after defeating them with Kingpin's help, Horatio appears saying the savages were deceived by Kingpin himself. Micah is using Dabbie as his slave. A co-worker of Horatio Piper is shot in the streets by one of Micah's men and died, and that was the sign Horatio has been waiting to betray Micah. He freed Debbie while started a fire in the apartment. Then Debbie tells the press about what Micah had done to her and how he killed a girl during a sacrifice ceremony. The Vikah kills Horatio and then Daredevil shows up just in time to save Foggy from the savages. At the end Micah Synn escapes from the building.

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