Daredevil #56 VF

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First Death's Head.


With Starr Saxon dead and his secret identity secure, DD plans on proposing to Karen Page, however when he arrives at the District Attorney's office, Foggy informs him that Karen returned home to grieve over the loss of Matt Murdock (whom she believes is dead after DD faked it.)

When Karen arrives home, she is briefly attacked by a glowing skeletal creature calling itself Death's Head. The creature warns her to leave before it's too late before disappearing. Arriving at her parent's house, Karen's mother informs her that her father has been kidnapped by Death's Head over a Cobalt weapon he was developing.

Arriving to find Karen, DD gets into his own clash with Death's Head, who issues DD with the same warning before disappearing once more. Arriving at the Page house, Daredevil promises to save them from the threat of Death's Head. Battling the creature once more Daredevil is easily bested by the creature who dresses him up in its own costume and puts him on his horse. When the police arrive on the scene, Death's Head sends DD (dressed up as Death's Head) towards the police who begin shooting.