Daredevil (vol 1) #190 NM

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Prologue: a long time ago Elektra is in a quest in a very cold place, when she reaches her destiny - a huge mountain. She has to climb it to pass the challenge and enters the clan, but she falls. Stick chooses to train her, despite the fact she had failed. She becomes a powerful warrior, but Stick says she has to leave the order, because her heart is full of pain and hatred. Stone tries to persuade Stick, saying that their enemies could recruit her, but Stick had already made his mind. So Elektra comes back to her old school in Japan, and  her master says she failed because of her father's murder and the hatred that grew inside her because of it.  Then Elektra says she is part of the war Stick had spoken of and she will prove her value to him, infiltrating herself inside The Hand.  She led herself be captured by The Hand and has to pass a test to prove her value, but after killing her enemy she discover it was her old Japanese master. That was how she became part of The Hand.   Daredevil and Stone are in the cemetery where Elektra was buried, trying to reach her body before The Hand, but they are late and ninjas take her away in a helicopter. With the help of Black Widow they kill all ninjas and Matt goes after The Hand's hideout. Daredevil asks for Kingpin's help to find the hideout and the villain asks for a favor in return - Matt has to pay a visit to Injun Joe, one of Kingpin's bosses that is betraying him. Daredevil does it, arrests every bad guy and show the message for Kingpin, and then gets the location of The Hand's hideout. Inside an old church, The Hand is starting the resurrection ceremony on Elektra when Daredevil, Stone and Black Widow arrives and stop the process. When Stone is about to cut Elektra's head off, Daredevil listen to a heart beat and tries to resurrect her with his own energy but fails. When they are almost defeated by the ninjas, Kingpin's henchmen show up and kill everyone to help Daredevil. At the end, when Matt and Natasha...