Daydreamers (vol 1) #1 (of 3) NM

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Having escaped from Black Tom [see Generation X #25], Franklin Richards, Leech, Artie Maddicks, Tana Nile, Howard the Duck and the Man-Thing now float on a chunk of earth through the Nexus of All Realities.  Tiring of Howard's complaining, Tana Nile tosses him off their 'island' and the Duck falls through one of the doorways populating the Nexus. Howard lands in Nevernevernarniozbia, a land that appears to be an amalgam of many storybook worlds peopled by fairy tale versions of super-heroes and villains.  The rest of the group follow through the same doorway, but are themselves followed by a living shadow called the Dark Hunter. The group is soon captured by a wicked version of the Scarlet Witch, then are reunited with Howard who has also been captured.  Leech negates the powers of his captors, and he and his friends almost escape, but are stopped short by the Dark Hunter.  To the shock of Howard and the rest, the Man-Thing speaks.