DC Super-Stars Giant Presents The Man Behind The Gun #9

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The Man Behind the Gun. Who was he? Warmonger or peacemaker? Now you can learn the identity of the men who shaped history with a single weapon -- from the vast expanse of the Wild West to the farthest reaches of outer space! Featuring: 9 page Superman reprint story "The Super-Gun" also starring Lex Luthor (villain), Bert Talbot (intro, villain) and Jimmy Olsen, drawn by Curt Swan & Stan Kaye (note: original title "The Super-Weapon"); 6 page Nighthawk reprint story "The Gun-Fighting Statue" written by Don Cameron and drawn by Ruben Moreira; 6 page reprint story "The Unsinkable Gun" written by Bill Finger and drawn by Ross Andru & Mike Esposito; 6 page reprint story "The Sightless Sharpshooter" drawn by Gene Colan & Sheldon Moldoff; 8 page reprint story "The Secret Story of Ray-Gun 64!" written by John Broome and drawn by Frank Giacoia & Joe Giella. Cover by Ernie Chan & Vince Colletta. Cover price $0.50.