Deadpool (1997 1st Series) #11 VF

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Double size issue. And one of the funniest comics in recent years! Cover pencils by Pete Woods, inks by Nathan Massengill, an homage to Amazing Fantasy # 15. With Great Power Comes Great Coincidence, script by Joe Kelly, Al Milgrom, and Joe Sinnot, pencils by Pete Woods and John Romita, inks by Nathan Massengill and John Romita; In the present, Weasel and the Great Lakes Avengers try to figure out how to bring DP and Al back through time; In the past, Deadpool uses his image inducer to impersonate Peter Parker (Al gets to play a very grumpy Aunt May) and try to convince a young and nerdy Weasel to fix his teleporter so he can get back to the future; Kraven the Hunter and a swinging party with Peter's pals get in the way but DP is able to manipulate Weasel into helping him, and all he has to do is wreck his buddy's life and future well being to do so; DP and Al make it back to 1997 with the timeline intact as a nervous Watcher collapses in relief. In the Hands of the Hunter!, script by Joe Kelly (pg. 1) and Stan Lee, pencils by Pete Woods (pg. 1) and John Romita, inks by Nathan Massengill (pg. 1) and John Romita; Peter tries to attend a groovy party with his pals in honor of Flash leaving for the military, but Kraven harshes their mellow as he crashes the party looking for Norman Osborn. 74 pgs. $3.99. Cover price $3.99.