Deathblow and Wolverine #2

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The strange man, after Wolverine unsuccessfully tried to kill him, explained he was working for the Librarian, a mystical being who is held prisoner in a library that contained all knowledge. The top hat-wearing man then transported Logan and Cray to the Library, where they encountered the Librarian. The Librarian explained that Sung Li was a direct descendent of the high priestess that had put her followers' souls into an urn to await the day they would return to the world. The odd behavior in Li's mother was one sign that the time was near. The Librarian gave Logan a talisman to place on the urn to keep this from happening and returned the two to Earth. Cray offered to help Logan in his search, and the two suited up. They followed the Librarian's directions and found a group of the high priestess' followers who had kidnapped her. They ran through many of them before Logan located the urn. A mysterious group of archers appeared to help Logan and Cray, and when Logan placed the talisman on the urn, all of the ninjas fell over, their life forces drained. Li emerged from a dimensional door and the three left the area. Cray departed, and Logan took Sung Li home. Later on, he caught her putting away a robe resembling the Librarian's, and realized she was indeed the Librarian the entire time. She tried to explain that she did what she had to to save the world, but Logan, disillusioned that she may have only used him instead of actually loving him, left her.