DEER LORD! party card game - Basic game (New )

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DEER LORD! is a strategic party card game about trickery, creativity and hilarity.

Core of the game: Do things without the other players realizing you were ‘doing something’ or they'll accuse you by yelling DEER LORD!


During your own turn you challenge your friends to duels.

Pictured here: who can do the best crab walk?

other examples:

  • who can find the smallest object in the room?
  • who can tell the most exciting story?
  • who has the most infectious laughter?

The group decides who wins the duel!



During other players' turns try and 'do things' without the others noticing, but obvious enough they see.

Pictured here: Hold something between your nose and upper lip

other examples:

  • give yourself a compliment
  • put your feet on someone's lap
  • wear something from your surroundings as a hat

Make sure the others see but don't be too obvious or you'll get caught... like a deer in the headlights! During your own turn, you reveal what you 'did' and the group decides if you 'did' the 'something' well enough.


Duel the duels and do the somethings!

DO SOMETHING: wear something around your neck

Pictured here: a player that is obviously 'doing something'. Accuse him by yelling 'DEER LORD'!

DUEL: who can do the best imitation of a famous landmark?

Pictured here: 'the Atomium'
Belgium's Eiffel tower. Look it up if you don't know it!

DUEL: who can give the best hug?
DO SOMETHING: climb onto something

Pictured here: Combining do something and duel cards is a great strategy if you don't want to get caught 'doing something'.