Detective Comics (vol 1) #380 VG

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Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson and Alfred are dumbfounded when a woman named Ginny Jenkins appears at their doorstep with the revelation that she is really Bruce's wife. Bruce takes the girl in his office and she explains that she had to fake their marriage in order to save Bruce's life from her brother's murder attempt. Until Bruce can investigate the case further, he allows Ginny to stay in Wayne Manor and he goes along with the "marriage". Bruce starts investigating and finds some connections between Ginny's brother and the Wayne Foundation, which might prove Ginny's theory right. When night comes, Bruce goes out as Batman in order to investigate Ginny's brother, but the lovely young lady has noticed that her "husband" is not home and she also goes to her brother's place. Upon arriving, Batman and Robin finds that there's someone stealing from the safe and when he tries to stop the man, he is confronted by Jenkins, Ginny's brother. In the struggle, a gun is fired and Jenkins is killed. Ginny arrives in time to witness the death of her brother and Batman investigates the clues left by the thief. Finally, after noticing a news clipping from past years, Batman and Robin find the identity of the true killer: Eugene Driscoll, a banker who worked together with Jenkins to steal one of his own banks and now was planning the murder of Bruce Wayne to seize Wayne Foundation and its millions of dollars. Batman and Robin confront Driscoll at his place and the man tries one desperate attempt and fires his weapon, which hurts Ginny in the arm. Batman and Robin takes the criminal down and later, he takes Ginny to the hospital. Finally, after the case is closed, Bruce Wayne makes sure that Ginny is giving the best medical attention.